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Management Accounting
Fastrack your career in accounting with opportunities beyond India
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Papers | 9-12 Months Timeline
Open the doors to Big 4 & Other Top MNCs with an opportunity to level up your career.
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Part of the US CMA Faculty
Learn from the most experienced US CMA faculty and discover how exciting it can be!
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Skilled Instructors

Expert faculties to guide every student throughout the course.

Online Classes

Access to live, interactive classes every week for complete preparation.


Swift Support

Real-time assistance to resolve students’ queries as soon as possible.


Elite Resources

Students get access to the most elite resources for comprehensive and advanced learning.


CMA USA - The Course for Global Recognition

Give your career a boost with the globally recognized management account certification issued by the Institute of Management Accountants (Management Accountants of the United States).

Get certified with skills that unlock the door to leadership goals in the accounting and finance world. Aim for CMA USA

Everything You Learn at SMA Institute

Be part of esteemed global certifications that pave your pathway to success.

CMA Training

Rs 49,000. (Rs 60,000)

Subham Singhal

Flexible Classes

Over 30+ Students

About Us

At SMA Institute, we’re focused on providing professionals in the finance and accounting sector with a pathway to a better future. With a strong team of US-CMA-certified professionals who bring you premier assets from HOCK International.

At SMA Institute, we believe in the well-being of our students’ futures, nourishing them with opportunity and transformative pathways to success. Experience the change US CMA can bring to your career, and experience success with SMA Institute.

Student Testimonials

“Certainly! Teaching is a skill, and when Subham sir teaches very well, he have the ability to convey complex ideas in a clear and understandable manner. Effective teachers inspire and engage their students, making learning an enjoyable and meaningful experience. The best part about Subham sir's teaching is that he can give you the best of him to teach you a concept”
Harsh Shah
“I met Subham sir when I was preparing for US CMA initially it was very difficult to understand each and every topic, he took it so smoothly that it not just gave me confidence but it also gave me insights to my further goal accomplishments. The best part about his teaching is his tricks and the way of teaching, anything from any topic you give him, he will surely deliver the best out of him. ”
Neel Shah
“One of the most outstanding aspects of Subham Singhal's teaching is his ability to simplify complex concepts. He possesses a rare talent for breaking down intricate topics into manageable, easy-to-understand components. This makes it significantly easier for students to grasp the fundamental principles and develop a strong foundation in the subject matter.”
Harmanpreet Singh Rathore

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