Welcome to SMA Institute

At SMA Institute, we’re a team of future-forward educators who help you strive toward a better future. Our expert faculty focuses on helping you upgrade your skill set to excel in finance.

We make finance and accounting interesting for you! Learn from the world’s best CMA instructors and advance to a better future today!

Our Vision

At SMA Institute, we aim beyond providing exceptional training. We want to alter our students’ lives and enhance their skill sets, improving their entire lifestyle. We strive to shape their future!

Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide applicants with thorough training and mentoring to assist them in accomplishing their professional goals and objectives. We guide you towards your success!

Our Approach

At SMA Institute, we believe in doing things differently. No one solution fits all of our students. We aim to provide applicants with thorough training and mentoring to pursue professional goals and objectives.

Founder Messge

Founded in 2024 by Subham Singhal, CMA, SMA Institute stems from his extensive experience in the field. Having successfully trained and mentored thousands of candidates over the past three years, Subham identified a gap in the industry. He aims to fill this void with SMA Institute and establish the premier training institute for finance professionals. 

Success is the result of hard work and dedication combined with effective monitoring and guidance” – Subham Singhal, CMA US Faculty.

HOCK International

SMA Institute is a premier partner of HOCK International. Every course offering from our institute comes from certified providers of the US CMA course. We provide nothing but the best finance resources to complete your course, which when paired with our guidance and mentoring, forms a great combination for all our students.

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Skilled Instructors

Expert Mentoring 

Every student at our institute is nurtured in the right way to make the most of their finance and accounting career. We strive to provide you with crucial insights into the course and the necessary monitoring to ensure you complete your certifications with great results.

We strive to give all our students complete insight into the curriculum and a practical insight into how the exam would turn out for them.

Experienced Faculty

We bring you experienced CMA faculty with US certifications to offer personalized mentorship sessions to all students. Every faculty member at SMA has the right experience, mindset, and dedication to help you excel in your journey toward CMA USA.

Learn from the experts who understand the journey and can guide you in the best possible way through CMA USA.

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Online Classes

Learning Management Platform

At SMA, we’re focused on providing the best to all our students. With this in mind, we’ve created a custom learning management platform for all our students, where you can learn, track, and follow the course at your own pace. 

Our Learning Management Platform is designed for your convenience. Access it anytime with your student portal and make the most of it today!

Live Sessions

We understand how challenging it can be to learn while following your everyday schedule. That’s where our flexible weekend classes step into the picture. We provide planned class timings to suit the flexibility of both students and working professionals while supporting your learning. 

Make the most of your weekend with live classes that walk you through the modules at a very detailed pace. Have confusions? Discuss it with your mentor too!


Swift Support

Community of Like-minded Students

We welcome our students to a community of like-minded individuals who aim to help each other. Once you sign up for our course, you connect with a pool of students who will share a similar mindset. 

Have some ideas or theories you need to discuss with people in the course? Let’s make it happen in the community.

Prompt Guidance

Prompt guidance is our way of educating at the SMA Institute. We strive to prepare our students for 100% performance, clearing all your doubts and issues in a limited time. 

No matter the extent of your doubt, we ensure you have your solutions and answers in record time.

Best resources for exam

Elite Resources

HOCK International

All students participating in our CMA course will receive HOCK International study materials which include HOCK LMS and test bank (with latest updates), multiple choice questions, MOCK exams and physical books for your preparations. 

Get the expert HOCK professional guide to help your way through the CMA examinations.

360-degree Expertise

CMA studies at SMA Institute begin with the principles of accounting and progress to the core CMA curriculum. We provide Live Classes, Notes, Practice Sessions, Doubt Clearing, WhatsApp forum for all-around support and Mentoring Sessions along with the SMA LMS which has recorded past sessions. 

Once you enroll with us, you get ready to embark on your CMA journey with all the tools and techniques to excel.

Join us at SMA Institute and embark on a journey towards excellence in finance